WOF; Jessi Joshi; Willows of France (Bad experience)

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The management and experience is terrible.Jessi JoshiI (the manager) sneaks pets in and out of the office.

She snuck in ferrets without paying a pet fee (like we have to) or letting the owners know about them. The smell of the office and ferrets bothered the tennants so many of them left. She sneaks her boyfriend (or now new husband) in and out and he uses the pool and doesn't clean up after himself....She doesn't return calls in timely fashion. She is often never there the entire shift and is hard to track down.

Takes lots of personal time for lunch, calls, etc. I can't believe the owners of Willows on France haven't caught on to her antics. She retaliates. Google Willows on France and Jessi Joshi---I am not the only unhappy tenant.

Get a new job Jessi. Maybe your new husband can support you and your expensive hair and nail and shoe habits!!! You look nice on the outside, but you are a horrible person on the inside which makes you an ugly person. You can't post anything or say anything without her and her boyfriend making false posts afterwards either saying you are the problem OR that Willows on France is great!

Again, taking her work time to do this on the internet.When will the owners install nanny cam to watch her work (or not) OR install spyware to see what she is doing on the computer (not Willows on France work)

Review about: My Rent.



I am the real Patrick Dixon and I don't know why someone is impersonating me, more than likely to try to be slick.All I have to say is that I was very happy with both WoF and with all the managers, staff and specialists!

Jessi does an outstanding job and most importantly, she cares. She wants all guests to be comfterable and happy. To my knowledge, she has never owned ferrets.

If you want me to verify my own idenity and my own expirence at WoF I'd be glad to tell you how happy I was there.My email is Patrickdixon3422@yahoo.com I had a great expirence living at WoF and so will you!

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